High Tides and Low Life

No way North

San Christobal

I was on my usual route through San Christobal, Castille, on my way to Charouse, Montaigne, to deliver a book of poetry from my Prince, to Lady Jamais Sices du Sices. As usual I had my entourage of Cristian, my valet; Marco, my driver; and Vinzio, my bodyguard. We had finished filling orders and were about to head out, when we were stopped at the gate.

“There’s no safe travel north, war has begun again,” the guard at the gate said. The last thing a Vodacce needs, is to get involved in another countries war. We turned around and headed back in town, to look for passage, before we were stuck. I was directed to the Lucky Pony Inn to inquire about a ship big enough to hold our cargo.

Cristian and I entered the establishment and found a quiet table against the back wall with complete view of the room. We then ordered some food and wine, the wine of course I immediately dumped out and filled with my own. “Can’t believe they drink this piss,” I said after the first sip.

The maid came back to ask if we needed anything else, to which I responded with flattery. I then inquired if she knew a Captain for which I seek. She walked off and started talking to a man at the bar.


Bowynn Teek0327

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