Enzo Falisci

Poet, Politician, and Wine Aficionado


Age: 25 Height: 6’0" Weight: 165lbs



  • Able Drinker (Liquor never affects Any of your rolls)
  • Appearance: Stunning (+2 unkept dice to all Social rolls)
  • Citation: Lord’s Hand (+10 starting Reputation & 1 Rep die)
  • Dangerous Beauty (+2 unkept dice to any Seduction attempts)
  • Indomitable Will (+2 unkept dice when resisting Social rolls)
  • Languages (Vodacce Accent: Teramo) Castille (Literate), Eisen, Montaigne (Literate), Vodacce (Literate)
  • Left-handed (+1 unkept die when attacking left-handed)
  • Legendary Trait: Wits (You may purchase Wits to Rank 6)
  • Linguist (All languages cost one less to purchase)
  • Membership: Lord’s Hand (Prince Donello Falisci)
  • Noble: Baron (Surname: Falisci) (Free raise on Manipulation tests) Compulsive Gambler (Must roll Resolve vs. a TN of 15 to resist a bet)
  • Spark of Genius: Politics (Free raise on Politics tests)
  • Twisted Blade: 2 (+1k1 combat dice, refreshed each Act)


Acrobat, Artist:Writer, Athlete, Bureaucrat, Commander, Courtier, Doctor, Fencing, Firearms, Merchant:Vintner, Politician, Pugilism, Sailor, Scholar, Streetwise


Balance(2) Climbing(2) Dancing(3) Diagnosis(1) Etiquette(3) Fashion(3) Fencing(Attack1)(Parry1) Firearms(Attack1) First Aid(1) Footwork(3) History(1) Jab(1) Knotwork(1) Mathematics(2) Oratory(3) Philosophy(1) Politics(2) Pugilism(Attack1) Research(1) Rigging(1) Seduction(1) Socializing(3) Sprinting(1) Strategy(1) Street Navigation(1) Tactics(1) Throwing(1) Vintner(2) Writing(3)


  • Arrogant (Falisci): (The GM can Activate your Hubris in order to get you to show contempt or disdain for someone else.)


  • Past (3 of Coins) Civil Skill: Merchant:Vintner
  • Present (10 of Coins) Advantages: Academy & University
  • Future (9 of Coins) Backgrounds: Romance 1 & Betrothed 1
  • Reputation: 10
  • Total XP: 21
  • Current XP: 1
  • Raised This Story: Resolve, Brawn

Hero Points: 100(Base) + 12(Arcana) = 112 – 40(Traits) – 49(Advantages) – 23(Skills)



Lord’s Hand, Taxes, Vineyard
Cristian Vitale - Valet
Marco Barone - Chauffeur
Vinezio Moretti - Bodyguard
Rosso Pierta
Manor Staff - Butler & 2 Maids
Vineyard - Small Population of Serfs
Court Attire
(Exquisite: Shoes x2, Suit x2, Gloves x2 & Undergarment x4)
Normal Attire
(Elegant: Boots, Trousers, Jacket & Gloves) – Moneybelt – Fine Undergarment – Spider’s Kiss
Bad Weather Attire
Riding Boots – Fine Cloak – Fine Jacket – Leather Gloves – Wide Brim Hat – Money Belt – Undergarment – Spider’s Kiss
Noblemen’s Coach: Draft Horses x2 – Harness – Horse Blanket x4
Flintlock Musket x1 – Flintlock Pistol x4
Ammo & Accessories
Bayonet Plug – Bullet Mold x2 – Extra Flint x5 – Gunpowder x5(10 ea.) – Lead x5(10 ea.) – Powder Flask x5(10 ea.) – Powder Measure x2
Backpack – Bandages x6 – Bedroll x2 – Blank Book X5 (100 pages ea.) – Blanket x5 – Sealing Wax(5 seals) – Climbing Gloves x4 – Climbing Pick x2 – Compass – Dice(Wooden) – Elegant Fencing Grip x2 – Grappling Hook x2 – Hammer – Ink x5(Bottles) – Iron Spike x5 – Lamp Oil(100 hours) – Lanterns x3 – Litter – Lock(TN40) – Logarithmic Table – Loom – Lord’s Hand Brooch – Map Tube – Mattocks – Messkit – Pavilion(10 man) – Pen x2 – Pillow x2 – Rope(100’) – Salted Provisions(1 week) – Scissors – Scholarly Works – Sewing Needle x5 – Small Mirror – Soap x2 – Splint Set – Surgical Kit – Thread(100’) – Torch x6 – Wardrobe Trunk(Large) – Whistle – Wine(Excellent) x17(Bottles) – Whetstone



Born to rich wine nobles, Enzo was spared no expense in his tutelage, encompassing La Ciencia, La Grand, and Dionna Univeristies, along with a short stint at The Leveque War College. He dabbled in many subjects, but none more than those of the political arena. The intricacies of the human mind and manipulation of others peaked his interest and he believes, the quickest way to power.

At 21, after finishing his studies with multiple doctorates, Enzo was appointed by his cousin, Prince Donello Falisci, to serve under Meander Berde de Falisci, the Governor of the Inland Provinces, as one of his council. With quick wit and keen mind, it wasn’t long before he was able to show his worth and foil a plot, by another council member and the Villanova family, to overthrow Donello. Today Vodacce refer to this failed attempted as the “Coup d’ena”.

For a year Enzo infiltrated the traitor’s network of spys with his own, gaining insight on who was involved, leaving no stone unturned. It finally came to an end when a group of young women were kidnapped and held for ransom as part of their sinister scheme. So by Donello’s decree, Enzo spread the word and his house of cards came tumbling down, killing the traitors and saving the women in the process. Sister Anna de Luca was among the rescued and gifted Enzo with a treasure craved by Vodacce nobles, a Twisted Blade, and Donello appointed him as Lord’s Hand.

For the last three years Redstone and it’s residents have prospered. Enzo is viewed as a kind but strict Lord that rewards hard work. He travels the land from Vodacce to Castille, Eisen, and Montaigne, selling The Falisci’s famous wine and gaining valuable information, paramount in this time of uncertainty.

“You can lose the bet, yet beat your opponent.” - Enzo Falisci

The Other Hundred Points
Intrigue 20
Action 30
Romance 20
Exploration 15
Military 15

Enzo Falisci

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