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  • Spider's Kiss

    _[[:enzo-falisci | Enzo Falisci]] received this twisted blade as part of a reward from Sister Anna de Luca, after rescuing her from be kidnapped and tortured._

  • Noblemen's Coach

    _[[:enzo-falisci | Enzo]] purchased this coach after accepting his appointment as "Lord's Hand":https://high-tides-and-low-life.obsidianportal.com/items/lord-s-hand-pin, and uses it for subsequent travels._

  • "Lord's Hand" Brooch

    _These pins are given to those in the highest service of the Seven Merchant Princes._

    *Membership: The Lord's Hand*

    _You are an instrument of your …

  • Scholarly Works

    _When he comes across a literary work that interests him, [[:enzo-falisci | Enzo]] personally reproduces it in exquisite fashion, using the highest quality marble paper, and sometimes decorating the exterior with jewels, gold …

  • No way north

    I was on my usual route through San Christobal, Castille, on my way to Charouse, Montaigne, to deliver a book of poetry from my [[:donello-falisci | Prince]], to [[:lady-jamais-sices-du-sices | Lady Jamais Sices du Sices]]. As usual I had my entourage of …

  • We Take It!

    _After the incident at the bar, it seemed my only way out of this place was to board the ship with these individuals. Though I had no involvement in what had occurred, I was there and had no desire to be "interrogated" by …

  • Fuck the Sea

    _Well the voyage was interesting to say the least. We save the crew at the bar fight and again from pirates, yet when another passenger steals a sword and makes a ruckus, we get blamed. Good riddance, may lightning strike …

  • Rosso Pierta

    *"REDSTONE"* [[File:453174 | class=media-item-align-center | 600x440px | Rosso_di_Pietra_Maniero.jpg]]

    _*Manor & Lodgings*_ [[File:402128 | class=media-item-align-none | Rapier. …