Tag: Brute


  • Vinezio Moretti

    _The Moretti family has served [[:donello-falisci | Prince Donello]] and the Falisci line as far back as they can recall. Recently, Vinezio has been given a place in [[:enzo-falisci | Enzo's]] grace, as a "trusted" …

  • Cristian Vitale

    _Cristian is something of mystery, his past is cloaked in heartache that is never spoken of. He has spent the last 10 years or so working his craft in fashion, seemingly content with the present._

  • Marco Barone

    _Marco has been in [[:enzo-falisci | Enzo Falisci's]] employ since his return to Vodacce, four years ago. He's a man of few words, or none, but that's probably because he cut out his own tongue, the reason behind which is …