Spider's Kiss

Twisted Blade w/ Ornamented Sheath

weapon (melee)

Twisted Blade: 4HP

For every 2 HP you spend in this Advantage, your weapon receives 1 Destiny die. You may have up to 5 Destiny dice for your weapon. You may spend these dice before making any roll that has something to do with the weapon (Attack Rolls, Damage Rolls, Swordsman Knacks, Active Defense, etc.) with each spent die adding +1k1 to the roll. Your Destiny Dice refresh at the start of each act.

Vodacce’s Fate Witches sometimes attach fate strands to newly-formed weapons, increasing their potency. These “twisted blades” are in high demand among Vodacce’s nobility. While witches usually “twist” swords, they can also influence knives, pistols, and other weapons if they choose.


Enzo Falisci received this twisted blade as part of a reward from Sister Anna de Luca, after rescuing her from be kidnapped and tortured.

Spider's Kiss

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