Scholarly Works

Book Collection (10G ea.)


A collection of 15 exquisitely crafted books, that Enzo has collected through the years of his studies and travels.

  • The Battle of Pulo di Olimpia by Ditophane
    A telling of the battle between Numa and the Cresent Empire in AUC 213, in which despite being outnumbered ten-to-one, the Numerians won with advanced tactics, superior weaponry and unbreakable will.
  • Booke of Goodly Folke by Lady Mary Katherine
    A seminal book of categorized Sidhe with numerous “subspecies”.
  • The Book of the Prophet by the Vaticine Church
    A collection of testaments from the three Prophets of Theah.
  • Complete Bestiary by Constanzo Rodriguez
    An ever-expanding work cataloguing Theah’s more remarkable fauna.
  • Diagnoses and Treatments by Franz Deleboe
    A diary on diagnosing and treating the human body.
  • Don Avala by Louis Gaulle dul Motte
    An acclaimed Montaigne opera of comedic tragedy.
  • La Fin de Ciclo “The End of the Cycle” by Clement Garcia de Aldana
    The history of the battle at Malaca in AV 1009, between the Cresent Empire and Vaticine Church, in which King Garcia and the last of his infidel-Cresent armies were defeated.
  • Lieber’s Book by Matthias Lieber
    The manuscript of Matthias Lieber, outlining the Objectivist movement, its organization, and beliefs.
  • Means to Ends by Scarovese
    A treatise of the Princes of Vodacce and guide to the Great Game.
  • Nouvelles Montaigne by Lucien Sices
    A collection of short historical stories of the princely court.
  • Rosetta by Bartholomeus Corradin
    Tragic and brooding, it is universally hailed as perhaps the greatest opera ever written, beloved by commoner and noble alike.
  • The Syrneth by the Explorer’s Society
    A series of articles from the Exploer’s Society regardling their theories and speculations on Syrneth.
  • The Vaticine Book of Common Prayer by the Vaticine Church
    A book of prayers used by those devout to the Vaticine Church.
  • Victory by Scarovese
    A lesser known compilation of Scarvoese’s philosophical works.
  • Vincenzo and Belloza by Bartholomeus Corradin
    A tale of love and passion, chronicling the two title characters and their love affair, with all its twists and turns.

When he comes across a literary work that interests him, Enzo personally reproduces it in exquisite fashion, using the highest quality marble paper, and sometimes decorating the exterior with jewels, gold leaf, silver, or even cured hide.

Scholarly Works

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