"Lord's Hand" Brooch


A small pin made of gold, approximately 5" in length, typically worn above the left breast.


These pins are given to those in the highest service of the Seven Merchant Princes.

Membership: The Lord’s Hand

You are an instrument of your Prince’s will, conducting various actions in his name. You have received a personal reprieve for all criminal actions in Vodacce, provided you act solely in the name of your Prince. Lord’s Hands have certain responsibilities; in exchange, they act without fear of legal reprisal (though personal reprisals are another matter entirely).

- Obey their Prince’s orders.
- Report Treachery to their Prince.

A Lord’s Hands have their equipment, room, and board paid for by their Prince. In addition, while acting under the orders of their Prince, they are exempt from punishment by the law in Vodacce. Any trouble someone has with the Hand’s actions must be taken up with their Prince.

"Lord's Hand" Brooch

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