Donello Falisci

Vodacce Merchant Prince


Age: 30


At age 30, Donello is finally coming into his own. His youthful features have filled out into handsome maturity and he carries himself with a dignity beyond his years. He speaks softly but with firm conviction, and his generous nature can’t hide his natural political skills. His elder brother Michel Durand del Falisci, is one of the five Vodacce Cardinals, and Donello’s closest confidant. The two are very close, and there is little they would not do for one another.



Donello is something of an anomaly for a Falisci Prince: a decent gentlemen who seems more interested in wine than his family’s politics machinations. Although his many times great-grandfather was Scarovese the king-maker, Donello shows no signs of inheriting the family’s lust for gaming, riddling, and political maneuvering. Instead, he seems content to serve as Vodacce’s party host, throwing celebrations of awe-inspiring extravagance and lavishing gifts upon those he favors. The other Princes keep waiting for the fa├žade to drop — for Donello to surrender the friendly host image and reveal his true colors — but he never does. As a result, his influence is staggering and his friends number in the hundreds.

Donello possesses a singular mind and stubborn will. He never takes half-measures and goes about every task with unbridled intensity. His magnificent wine production, the intensity with which he rules his province, and his recent decision to search for a wife all speak to his solid mind and refusal to compromise.

Like all Falisci, he is a hedonist — but retains a certain amount of his Montaigne mother’s pragmatism (another anomaly). He could make a serious bid for the Vodacce throne if he wished, but such matters do not concern him. The effort would only make him more enemies and divert him from his current tasks. The Emperor himself would bend his knee for a bottle of Falisci wine; what better demonstration of power does one need?

Donello’s search for a wife recently took an unexpected turn. he became hopelessly enthralled by a visiting Montaigne noblewoman, and currently seeks to earn her hand. The thought of a foreigner — well educated, clever, and possessing not a spot of Sorte — at the Prince’s side fills Vodacce society with dread. Donello knows the situation is hopeless, but that does not stop him from pining for her beauty and silver tongue. Others tell him, that he is being ridiculous, but Donello refuses to listen. He composes letter, operas and gifts — all of which end up in his true love’s trash heap. He cannot turn to the Fate Witches of Vodacce, who would never allow a Merchant Prince to marry outside the country, much less assist him in his hopeless quest.

Worse, the maiden in question is even more dangerous than they. Her name is Lady Jamais Sices du Sices, the reigning Wit of the Montaigne court. On a recent visit to Montaigne, Donello became the unhappy subject of her criticism, and used Scaroveian politics to turn her remarks into flattery. Since that day, she has hated him. Since that day, he has adored her charm, her intellect, and her biting satire.

He loves her.

She may never even know.

Donello Falisci

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