High Tides and Low Life

Ya Ibn el Sharmouta

Son of a.....


We had barely been in San Cristobal for a week and we were fleeing. We were supposed to meet a contact at a tavern. Taverns make me uncomfortable on a mission like this, to many things could go wrong and of course with my luck they had.

Someone started screaming about a Montaigne spy and then accused us of being in league with them. Four men advanced on my small group. So I did what had to be done. After the fight I find out the man I had slain was an Inquisitor with the Vaticine Church. That was all I needed. We were offered safe passage onto a merchant ship, who’s crewman was the one being labelled a spy.

Aboard the ship, a Montaigne crewman searches my master’s room and finds a Vodacci blade. He claims this blade belongs to his prince. A Vodacci named Villanova, a man whose reputation definitely proceeds him. After capturing the thief, my “master’s” assistant and throwing him and my master in the brig. I interrogate them both. The thief says he is not who he claims to be. As if my job wasn’t difficult enough. I am at a loss for words and what to do at the moment. My only thought is I do not, for any reason, want to be on Villanova’s bad side, and how to complete my job without the help of my “master.”


Bowynn LuckyJynx

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