High Tides and Low Life

Well isn't this nice?

Adventure in San Christobal

Once again, i had no luck with a job in San Christobal. Being a Mercenary had it’s perks, but it doesn’t help when nobody needs one. So, as i wandered around, i found myself a nice place to stay the night. First thing i needed, of course, was a drink. So what did i do? I got a drink.

Wasn’t the best I’ve had, but it was something. At least, it would have been if some guy hadn’t shouted right as i was taking a sip. Breathing in liquor does not work, i found out then. I turned on my stool to see what was going on, only to see some guy attacking this other one with a sword. Now, i’m not one for bar fights, but that was not going to be acceptable. brought out my panzerhand, and k.o.ed the guy. Also saw what i think was a dragon somewhere, but i was too busy with Mr. McShouts.

Found out they were part of the church, which was not good, seeing as how i’m an Objectionist. heheh… oops. So i tagged along with the rest of them. Might find some work along the way. On the boat, my time was wasted on fishing. Hey, old habits die hard. Especially when you were raised doing it. finally, something had happened ‘cause i heard some yelling coming from the hall. as i joined the rest of the crew, one of the Crescent’s allies was making a break for it. Sensing that was not a good move, i stuck my arm out to clothesline him, but he freaking ducked it. After being tripped by one of the others (I don’t know them that well) i picked the guy up by his tunic and handed him back to the woman. I then proceeded to listen to their conversation.

It soon died down, and i returned to my fishing. I was getting sleepy,so i began to reel in my line. out of the corner of my eye, i could have sworn i saw a face in the water. i shook my head and reclined in my chair, finding out the next morning that i had fallen asleep in it.


Bowynn Jason_Matlock

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