High Tides and Low Life

We Take It!

Aboard the Santa Cecilia

After the incident at the bar, it seemed my only way out of this place was to board the ship with these individuals. Though I had no involvement in what had occurred, I was there and had no desire to be “interrogated” by the Inquisition.

We sat, had some food and drink, and got to know each other. Then as we were all going about our business, there was a ruckus below deck involving the Cresent girl and her Master. As we all rushed to see what was going on the Eisen merc and her, were finishing an altercation with another servant. Come to find out he had a stolen Vodacce sword, and it was Giovanni Villanova’s twisted blade. At first sight, I thought this was nothing but a bad omen.

The Montaigne that was on the ship claimed he was Giovanni’s Hand and proceeded to take the weapon, but I do not believe he is who he says he is. And after a restless night I have come to a decision. I will take the sword to Giovanni myself, and over the frauds body if need be. His hands on one of my nations sacred artifacts is an abomination. Giovanni has spies everywhere, and if he doesn’t get it back but finds out that I was here, it could bring his wrath upon my Prince. It could also bring some fortune our way, though I’m more concerned about the first.

I don’t believe Vinezio is up to the challenge of this caliber yet. But thankfully one of my new friends is. I’ve asked the Swordsman to assist me and explained to him why this needs to be done. He is not a Vodacce and has just taken the sword for himself, so we will do the same. When we get closer to shore is when we will strike.

I sat back a little more relaxed, thinking of what will transpire. “I’ll need some escorts through Villanova lands,” I thought.

Thinking about the bar fight, I started assessing each of my boat mates. Etienne, had proven his skill to Vinezio and looked to have the flair that I desire by my side. The Eisen, Alexander, is a hulk typical of the Eisen Mercenaries in the north. The Cresent, Samirah is as deadly as she is beautiful, though not quite as refined as Etienne, I did not choose her for the duel because of her brutality. The last two, are a mystery still. The Cathay, Ki seems to possess some nice sorcery that I could use to my advantage, and the Castille, Rafael has been great entertainment, which I always welcome in my company.

“Yes I think they’ll do just fine, maybe this isn’t such a bad omen after all,” were my last thoughts as I finally drifted off to slumber.


Bowynn Bowynn

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