High Tides and Low Life

The Search Awaits

It appears I have an affinity for this fermented grape beverage given to me by the wealthy merchant the Castillian has named 괴도. I believe I could be inclined to partake of more…if only I had another bottle. Although…sometimes I worry, what more I would be willing to partake of under its influence…

I seem to have found myself aboard a sailing vessel bound for yet another strange land…but at least I know the common tongue of this Vodace…the only other language I can speak besides my own. My lack of linguistics does seem to be a hindrance…but thankfully I have found a teacher in the Castillian who is willing to aid me in learning his language…at the cost of teaching him my own. He does seem to be quite the scholar! Then there is an amnesiac with a Montaigne accent…not quite sure what to make of him, although technically I have been acquainted with him the longest. He does seem to be quite good with a sword, though. And then there is this Eisen who seems only to be interested in the fishing…

But, I digress…my linguistics tutor, Rafael, has come upon some information leading to an old archaeological site somewhere on Vodace land…could this be the beginning of my quest to relocate the sacred artifacts?


Bowynn Bowynn

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