High Tides and Low Life

Nothing better to do

That I can remember

I have apologized to the ship captain for my outburst. I’m not sure what came over me, but the lockdown was frustrating, as was the assumption that the troupe I travel with were the guilty parties in all of this that has been going on. Also, I was hungry. That tends to make me very grumpy, especially in the state I currently find myself in.

Rafael has unveiled a plan to divest an old Numan ruin of whatever it might hold of worth. Everyone else has decided to throw in their lot with him; I am uncertain of this path and where it might take us. But then again, I am uncertain of everything.

I can’t really say why I have decided to join him, other than what else do I have to do? I have no home, no loved ones, no one seeking to find me, no purpose that I can recall. There is a name that haunts me, and a dream, but nothing substantial behind them. I am a blank slate.


Bowynn Maded

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