High Tides and Low Life

Into the Vipers’ Nest

Sailing La Boca de Cielo

We are headed into the vipers’ nest. I use the plural here not because of where we are sailing, but more because of what I believe we are sailing into. My memories are not whole, so I cannot draw upon them as recourse. I have heard men aboard the ship speak of Prince Giovanni Villanova. He seems a rather black hearted individual, according to what has been said.

His Lordship, the Baron Falisci, has deemed it necessary for himself to be the one who returns Villanova’s blade personally. As I now seem to be in his employ as a swordsman, I am set to walk into this viper’s nest. The reaction of a Vodacce prince to a lesser noble carrying his prized possession may or may not be one we will survive intact. It is Villanova’s house, and lands, that we enter. We are at a disadvantage there, even armed with Falisci’s wiles and my blade.

We are accompanied by a brooding Eisen hulk, a lovely Crescent dancer, an even lovelier Cathayan archer, and a boisterous Castilian guitarist. Oh, and a Highland sailor. I do not know their motives in this venture, beyond keeping a viper’s fangs at bay. There will be more than one viper here in Vodacce, though. I hope my companions all know to watch their step, and mind the coils.

Or else we all will be bitten.


Bowynn Bowynn

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