High Tides and Low Life

Fuck the Sea

Arrival in Vodacce

Well the voyage was interesting to say the least. We save the crew at the bar fight and again from pirates, yet when another passenger steals a sword and makes a ruckus, we get blamed. Good riddance, may lightning strike you where you sail! Worst hospitality on the sea.

Now that we’ve arrived in Vodacce, I must make a trip to see my Donello Falisci and let him know of his gift’s delay. The bastard Wetback that stole my masters wine, wants to go to Numa. But I’m not sure I want to oblige his punk ass now. Besides the task my Prince has set for me, I’m on no other quest. We will see if my spirits lighten on the journey home. The rest of the party seems pretty capable, quite the warriors I like to surround myself with.


Bowynn Teek0327

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